pamphlet series

publication schedule

October 2021

The Lady On TV Makes Me Feel Bad
by Brianne Agnizle

13th Floor Shaman
by Jacob Louis Beaney

The Children
by Jerry Simcock

The Life and Sulphurous Death of Theo D.
by Wayne Connolly

March 2022

Red Milk & other stories
by Angie Spoto

Ready the Heart
by Lynsey May

Something or Nothing
by Hannah Sutherland

Goodbye Love
by Bechaela Walker

June 2022

The Salvage
by Regi Claire

Township Journals
by Ethel Maqeda

Whatever she does
by Aimee Campbell

by Liam Murray Bell

October 2022

The Bricks
by Lynne Hackles

Re: Summary!
by Rodge Glass

Prof & Staff Curry
by Alom Shaha


by Shelley Hastings

December 2022

Rickle o Bones
by Anna Stewart

Pieces of String
by Sally O'Reilly